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8 Foods that Harm Health

Boboro Bolism - What to eat one's effect on health. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing the foods that will be eaten.

Often people ignore the harmful food ingredients because lulled taste delicious.

To remind you, the following list of foods that you should avoid for the sake of health.

1. Swordfish
According to professor of pediatrics Philip Landrigan, MD, swordfish has a powerful neurotoxin that can damage children's development and even trigger a heart attack in adults. There are many fish besides swordfish its rich in omega-3 and healthy for the body. For example, salmon, tuna, and so on. Eating fish are far better than the swordfish.

2. The non-organic strawberries
US Department of Agriculture found there are many different chemical-based pesticides to grow the strawberries. This is the reason why farmers additional strawberries wearing when spraying pesticides, because they protect themselves from the dozens of harmful pesticides. Unfortunately, there are still many people who likes to eat non-organic strawberries, organic strawberries when much healthier.

3. Soft drinks and sweets
Avoid soft drinks and sweet foods such as chewing gum, because it contains artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame K and neotame. Research shows, food and beverages are a source of health problems related to metabolism, weight loss, neurological disease, joint pain, headaches, colitis, and even cancer.

4. Junk food
Prepared foods contain many chemicals. The food industry, agriculture, animal husbandry even always try to produce a product quickly by using chemicals. In fact, all of the chemicals always threaten health. The solution, you better eat home-cooked meals because in addition to knowing its composition, home-cooked food is much healthier.

5. Food cans
Coating cans contain bisphenol-A (BPA), which is associated with reproductive disease, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The study explained that BPA enters the body can reduce male sperm count and cause chromosomal damage.

6. White chocolate
Chocolate is good for the brain. But the problem, white chocolate does not have the same health benefits as dark chocolate. White chocolate does not have a lot of content that can increase blood flow to the brain, protects the blood, and even improve mood and focus. This type of chocolate only causes obesity.

7. Artificial Sweeteners
Scientists have detected artificial sweeteners in waste water at risk of deadly fish and other aquatic life. Just imagine if an artificial sweetener into the body. Of course it would be much more dangerous. Therefore, replace artificial sweeteners with natural ingredients, such as honey, maple syrup, or a material that has a high vitamin and mineral.

8. Sprouts
Sprouts are often found to be contaminated almonella, E. coli, and Listeria. Warm conditions makes sprouts ideal as a place to breed bacteria. The experts found at least 40 outbreaks of foodborne disease are derived from sprouts over the last 20 years. To avoid the risk, it is recommended to cook the sprouts before eating it.

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