Rabu, 12 Agustus 2015

Do not Eat Vegetables Absent During Lebaran If Not Want Piles Recurrence

BOBORO BOLISM - The lack of fruit and vegetable menu when Eid vulnerable make the diarrhea. In addition, the lack of fiber can also lead to a recurrence of hemorrhoids hemorrhoid alias.

"Actually, not a menu coconut milk that can make hemorrhoid recurrence, but because the menu is less fiber vegetables and fruits so hard feces," said Dr. Johan T. Bahdar SpPD detikHealth when contacted on Monday (20/07/2015).

To that end, Dr. Bahdar stressed not to forget to eat vegetables and fruit in the middle of the dish banyakanya widths. It could be tricked example when the diamond mengonsumi morning complete with vegetables and curry, then daytime eating pecel that in fact consists of a variety of vegetables.

The danger, according to Dr. Bahdar when menu morning, noon, and night remains the same ie the diamond with coconut fry vegetables plus there is no intake of vegetables and fruits, can certainly be hard stool. Well, if there is no vegetables, should only consume fruits available.

"But it is more advisable vegetable yes because the vegetable is high in fiber. While the fruit generally contains short fibers. If a high-fiber vegetables because it is not absorbed by the intestine and tend to make more mushy stool during bowel movements that do not push," said a doctor who practices in RS Premiere Bintaro this.

When not eating fiber, the stool will be denser and more time in the colon. By contrast, when hard stool less likely it will stimulate the colon so that bowel contractions and eventually feels the urge to defecate. In other words, routine BAB can more smoothly.

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